Technology: .NET, AngularJS and Go Lang

Description: Networking Technology, Inc is continuously dedicated to developing a system that enhances the overall efficiency of the eHealth process for patients and medical professionals throughout the United States. They drive the advancement of eHealth technology in the industry and customize their features to anticipate the specific medical needs for each individual patient.Networking Technology, Inc

Acube provided excellent service and demonstrated strong technical capability. I would recommend.

Randy Boldyga, CEO/President RxNT

Technology: PHP, .NET, Sphinx

Description: Tynax operates a global high-tech patent trading exchange comprising hundreds of thousands of patents. Combined with its specialist staff, this enables the Company to provide unique, full-service sourcing capabilities to patent buyers.Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Tynax operates through its exchange website, an in-house team of technology and deal-making specialists and a global network of agents and brokers. Tynax Inc. was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 2003 and spent several years in research and development building out a unique trading exchange platform tailored to the needs of high-tech clients and patents holders. With an extensive database of patent holders and technologists, and an automated syndication system, Tynax has a highly efficient process for matching buyers with sellers, connecting clients with potential partners.

I have been very impressed by ACube's work and would highly recommend them. They quickly performs the work, solves all technical issues in the process, delivers finished results and then checks back to ensure that all is working OK. they are pleasure to work with and I plan to use ACube for several projects in future.

David Smith, CEO TYNAX, Inc

Technology: PHP, Wordpress, Woocommerce and Shopify

Description: The brainchild of Kate and Shawn Boyer, Anatomie, is a designer fashion brand. The collection was created with today’s travel women in mind and encompasses the areas of high-performance wear to modern designer travel wear, as well as sportswear. Kate describes her creations as sophisticated and sexy, just like the women who wear them. Anatomie’s collection draws inspiration from the most highly-regarded European fashion houses, and is designed to flatter the female form in a way that bespeaks class, elegance and style.

I have been working with Acube Technologies for 2 years now. My plan was for them to help me with a few tasks, but today they simply are my entire IT staff. They are technically capable and are extremely fair as far as costs. I work with them 7 days a week and my business would not exist without them....they have helped me grow my business 300%.

Mark L Fox, Vise President SAAF, LLC

Technology: PHP, Laravel, JSON

Description:Vacuum and Sewing Center is proud of its huge inventory of machines, parts and supplies including hard to find items. If Marty doesn’t have it, chances are it can no longer be found anywhere! In our online store, you’ll get the same great, down-to-earth service and products the Dixon family has given for over 50 years.

ACube Technologies P Ltd is great and I would recommend them to anyone with a website or e-commerce company. They completed a projected in a few days that would have taken our in-house team over a month. This was my first time using Guru and the price was super competitive and our in-house web designer admitted what they did was amazing and they still can't figure out how they did it so quickly. I was hesitant at first but we started this project with only one chat session and ended with one email (finished). Thanks again ACube Technologies P Ltd TEAM and I have more work headed your way. Some of the bidders are pushy on Guru but even when they finished they said please review the work. Most of the bids I received didn't answer my original project. Just about every bid but a few including theirs had promises of re-designing the website and doing SEO and so many other services. They answered my bid accordingly with out a bunch of misdirection.

Marty Dixon - Gainesville, FL, USA

Technology: .NET, AngularJS

Description:As West Boca Raton’s local provider of premium office space, WBES is optimally suited toward fulfilling the needs of our clients. With the resources of one of Boca’s largest property owners we are able to hire the most professional staff, offer the most luxurious furnishings and operate in a facility of the highest caliber. We are an independent operator which gives us tremendous latitude in all decisions. The flexibility of our service policies will make our clients feel right at home. We greatly encourage the growth of all business and outreach in our wonderful business community here in Boca Raton. We are active and proud members of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.

The ACube team are reliable, responsive and diligent.

Guy Simani, President, Emerald Capital Management

Technology: .PHP, AWS, AngularJS

Description:SongSwift has been in the business of web design and development since the inception of the internet and WWW as a business marketing tool in the 1990’s. Our ability to design aesthetically graceful, client-specific user interfaces, coupled with the technological breakthroughs of Open Source development and PHP/MySQL Content Management and E-Commerce systems allows us to bring our clients a level of excellence that’s at the cutting-edge of today’s internet technologies.

ACube's service is top notch. They are intelligent, fast, responsive and communicate quickly and well. There's never any guesswork and they fit into our team like hand in glove. Great job, guys!

Adam Clark Miller, CEO, Songswift

Technology: .PHP, AWS, HTML5

Description:At The Creative Lab, we push innovation knowing full well that new ideas and change will emerge. Knowing how to swiftly adjust to these changes is the ultimate secret sauce. We advise companies from the ground up and top down on creative, branding, tech and content.

ACube Technologies is a sharp, dedicated group of guys who will do whatever it takes to complete a job and fulfill a commitment. They ask the right questions, communicate throughout the process and they deliver high quality work on time and on budget. I recommend ACube for your next project. Hire them, they're great to work with.

Paul Wagner, CEO CreativeLab