About Frank Food Safety

Frank food safety stands as a trusted partner for businesses striving to uphold food safety standards with efficiency and effectiveness. Their mission revolves around simplifying the often intricate landscape of food safety compliance, offering practical solutions and guidance that businesses can readily implement.

By streamlining processes and providing clear directives, they enable organizations to navigate regulatory requirements with confidence and ease. With their support, businesses across diverse industries can ensure the safety and quality of the meals they produce and serve to consumers.

Their impact is palpable, as they now oversee the compliance of over 500,000 meals annually in Australia alone, exemplifying their dedication to promoting food safety and public health on a significant scale through their app.

How Acube technologies helped FRANK to uphold its food safety standards.

Acube Technologies played a pivotal role in assisting Frank Food Safety in upholding its food safety standards by leveraging a combination of NativeScript, Node.JS, and MySQL technologies.

Through the utilization of NativeScript, our team developed a robust and user-friendly mobile application that enabled FRANK's staff to seamlessly manage and monitor food safety protocols on the go. This native mobile app provided an intuitive interface for conducting inspections, recording data, and generating reports in real-time, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in compliance efforts.

In conjunction with NativeScript, our team implemented Node.JS to create a scalable and high-performance backend system. Node.JS facilitated seamless communication between the mobile app and the database, ensuring rapid data retrieval and processing. This real-time synchronization enabled Frank Food Safety to access up-to-date information and insights into their food safety practices, empowering proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

Behind the scenes, Acube Technologies utilized MySQL as the backend database solution, providing a secure and reliable repository for storing and managing critical data related to food safety compliance. The MySQL database ensured data integrity and accessibility, allowing Frank Food Safety to maintain comprehensive records and documentation to meet regulatory requirements effectively.

Through our collaborative efforts and expertise in NativeScript, Node.JS, and MySQL technologies, Acube Technologies enabled Frank Food Safety to enhance its food safety standards and practices. By providing a tailored technology solution, we empowered Frank Food Safety to streamline compliance processes, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately, safeguard public health and well-being.

Technologies that drives Frank food safety

React Native
React Native
Node JS
Node JS
I have been working with Acube Technologies for 2 years now. My plan was for them to help me with a few tasks, but today they simply are my entire IT staff. They are technically capable and are extremely fair as far as costs. I work with them 7 days a week and my business would not exist without them....they have helped me grow my business 300%.
- Mark L Fox, Vise President SAAF, LLC